Witthikai Sribuarin

RLC Manager

Mr. Ken is full of energy and enthusiasm, which makes him an excellent manager of ASB’s Residential Learning Center. He likes to know all of the students personally and has a passion for the students. Mr. Ken has been teaching, training, and counseling for 12 years. He has a Master of Arts in English from the Naresuan University, as well as certified as a Mindfulness Instructor from the Willpower Institute of Thailand. Mr. Ken teaches mindfulness and does student counseling here at the American School of Bangkok.

Gemma Martinez

RLC Parent

Originally from the Phillipines, Ms. Gemma joined ASB in 2012. Prior to her arrival, she has been teaching young students for over 10 years in both government and international schools in Bangkok. She has a Bachelors Degree in Secondary Education from Adamson University, as well as a Diploma in Language and Literacy from the University of the Phillipines. She is a wonderful family figure and is very approachable, which makes it easy for the students to talk to her whenever they need. Ms. Gemma is a perfect fit as a dorm parent as she inspires the students to grow and achieve their goals.

Marbal Martinez

RLC Parent

Originally from the Phillipines, Mr. Marbal has been living in Thailand for 16 years. He represents an excellent father figure, as well as a role model for the students in the RLC. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Quezon College of Southern Philippines. He enjoys playing his bass guitar with the students as well as challenging them on the basketball court. He is well liked by the students of the RLC and is a valuable member of the team.

Thomas Sullivan

RLC Parent

Originally from Scotland, Mr. Thomas has spent most of his life working with young people, which make him an excellent asset to the RLC team. Mr. Thomas has numerous Scottish vocational qualifications including childcare, adolescence, counseling young people with special needs, therapeutic crisis intervention, and first aid. His 8 years at ASB have been very beneficial to the students because he is very good at teaching independent living skills. Mr. Thomas likes to spend time watching movies and cooking for the students. He is a great role model for the students here at IPGA.