Learn. Improve. Master.

Learn. Improve. Master.


The first step in the IPGA process is LEARN. In this step each student learns about themselves and their personal game. We teach students the cause and effect relationship on the course and how we can change the outcome based on their body and swing. No two golfers are identical so no two plans should be the same. This is why we cannot compare any aspect of a student's motion or swing to another student or even someone on tour. The reason is that each student has individual components that make their swing unique to them - like a fingerprint. In LEARN, students find out about their own fingerprint.


The second step in the IPGA process is IMPROVE. We call it "improve" and not "perfect" for a reason. Perfection in golf is unattainable but consistent improvement is critical on the path to mastery. In this step, we teach all of our students how to transfer the skills they learned in step one onto the golf course. So many times we see acceptable results in practice but not on the course. This is why Step 2 is critical to transfer skill acquisition to on-course performance. The secret to transferring skills from the practice tee to the golf course is in the way you practice. Here at IPGA, we have a 5 level system that shows students exactly how to achieve this.


The third step in the IPGA process is MASTER. This is the “IT” factor that shows up when a student is in total control of their game. In this step students not only know how to improve their skills but they also are in complete control of eliminating interference. While skills allow a player to shoot lower scores, eliminating interference allows them to not shoot high scores. This step is critical to making your bad scores better and your good scores excellent.